Music from the end of the world.

Meet the Host

Our host, GOBS aka Music’s Boyfriend

There are few people that love music quite as much as Gobs. He’s a radio host, music producer, and one of the worlds best open format DJs. Gobs first made a name for himself as a rave MC, known then as “Gobstoppa”. During the 2000’s he held residencies with Toronto’s legendary Hullabaloo! and Goodfellaz event promotion crews. Starting in 2006, Gobs began performing as a living dead DJ, under the moniker, Gobs The Zombie. The popularity of the act led to his relocating to New York City, and touring around North America from 2011 through 2013. During this time, Gobs produced aggressive electronic music as both Gobs The Zombie and Smut Pushers, scoring releases on famed labels, Ultra and Play Records, amongst others. Gobs’ true passion has always lied in sharing great music with others, and he has used online radio broadcasting to do so for many years, starting with his involvement in the infamous Toronto based hard dance music program, Totally Sweet Radio, which led to his Dead Air mix series on the world’s most popular electronic music stream, Digitally Imported. In recent years, Gobs has relocated to London, Ontario, and become involved in the city’s beloved independent radio station, CHRW, where he has hosted the Top 30 Countdown throughout 2019. During that time, Gobs has also been laying the groundwork for the realization of his ultimate show: A late-night, open format, Multimedia music experience. He calls it Midnight Looms, and it has finally become a reality.