Midnight Looms 001: The Debut

Playdead Cult presents Midnight Looms with Gobs – ML001 – The Debut – January 14, 2020

Loads of bands, DJs, producers, activists, and creators will be coming through our Playdead Cult studio space to be a part of this show, but for the debut broadcast, it’s just our host, Gobs, and YOU.

In this episode, Gobs calls up his number one fan, stops a local rapper on the street to ask him what he’s listening to, starts a silly sing-a-long to a They Might Be Giants classic, and takes a request that sends this journey-by-DJ in an odd and unexpected, but pleasurable direction. He also pays tribute to the 4 Western University graduate students that lost their lives in the Ukrainian Flight 752 plane crash.

So much happens in this hour of musical power, which reaches all the way back to 1953, while also featuring brand new EDM, Hip Hop, Indie Rock, and several songs that simply defy categorization. Sounds like chaos but making it all flow is what Gobs does best, and that’s what Midnight Looms is all about.

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