Midnight Looms 008 – Cancer Bats – March 3 2020

What a jam-packed and epic way to end off a new Crazy 88 Spotify playlist. In this hour of musical power, our host, GOBS, makes some exciting announcements, drops a vinyl, our first BEASTIE BOOT, and we give away $100 big bucks! Of course, none of those things hold the magnitude of excitement as the guy who comes through for a chat. Liam Cormier, frontman of Canada’s Metalcore giants, the CANCER BATS, is our special guest, and his presence insures that the music stays brutally hard and blisteringly fast. We compliment Liam’s selections with an eclectic array of musical goodness. Alt Country, Drum N Bass, Electronica, Footwork, and a few more punk & Metal tunes, all mixed together in this journey by DJ for late night music lovers.

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1. Beastie Boys – Unreleased – Intergalactic (High Voltage Remix)

2. Caribou – Home – Home

3. Beck – Hyperspace – Saw Lightning

4. Howlin’ Wolf – Rock Around The Clock – Smokestack Lightning

5. The Dead South – Sugar & Joy – Black Lung

6. Sarah Jane Scouten – Confessions – Breaking and Entering

7. Algiers – There Is No Year – Waiting For The Sound

8. Moby – 18 – Extreme Ways

9. Heart Attack Kids ft Liam Cormier – Bad Luck Like Gold – Modern Decay


10. Cancer Bats – Hail Destroyer – Hail DestroyerThine Hollowed Heavens

11. Cancer Bats – The Spark That moves – Gatekeeper

12. Cancer Bats – Birthing The Giant – Golden Tanks

13. Cancer Bats – Sweet Leaf: A Stoner Rock Salute To Black Sabbath – Into The Void

14. Cancer Bats – New Damage Switcheroo Vol. 1 – Dog Parks / Switchoff

15. Single Mothers – New Damage Switcheroo Vol. 1 – Road Sick

16. The Follow Ups – …Don’t Like You Either – Monsters

17. Jedi – Furious – Boner

18. Akov – The Syndicate EP – Bulletproof

19. Rhythm Baboon – W-Life – Three Bugz In Da Hood

20. Ex-Terrestrial – Gamma Infolded – Skip Ad

21. Andras – Joyful – River Red

22. Simple Minds – Once Upon A Time – Don’t You Forget About Me

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