Midnight Looms 009 – Quarantine Edition – April 7 2020

MUSIC FROM THE END OF THE WORLD. Our show’s theme has never felt so relevant. It might seem like everything’s terrible, but we can definitely tell you one good piece of news and it’s that MUSI IS STILL AWESOME! We’re gonna use it to run the gamut of emotions because great music helps you work through it.

The first half of the show eases you back into our JOURNEY-BY-DJ with some moody acoustic numbers, then we open up the REQUEST LINE for some tunes suggested by our listeners, and follow that with a couple of fun Corona Virus themed pop tunes. Yup they exist! Leave it up to our host, GOBS, to find such a thing.

During the second half, we go HARD, with a big election of socially conscious PUNK, some up-tempo, 80s inspired SYNTH tracks, and then end off totally bonkers, with some GABBER, because “BONKERS” IS THE NEW NORM!

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1. Wilsen – Moon

2. Cat Clyde – All The Black

3. Peach Pit – Peach Pit

4. Ziggy Alberts – Runaway

5. Masego ft FKJ – Tadow

6. Sleep Party People – I’m Not Human At All

7. Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime

8. She’s A Tease – Fiebre de Jack

9. KAYTRANADA – The Worst In Me

10. MIN x ERIK & Khắc Hưng – Ghen Cô Vy (WASHING HAND SONG)

11. Antidote Army – Corona F You

12. Jock – Everyone, Everywhere

13. DOA – Fucked Up Donald

14. Anti-Flag – Christian Nationalist

15. Treble Charger – American Psycho

16. Green Day – American Idiot

17. David Bowie – I’m Afraid Of Americans

18. Said The Whale – UnAmerican

19. Psychic Pollution – Another Day

20. The Weeknd – Blinding Lights

21. Audiofreq – Return To The Source

22. Tellurian x Technohead – I Wanna Be A Hippy (Panama 2019 mix)

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