Midnight Looms 010 – Matty’s Patties – April 14 2020

4/20 is just around the corner, and we’re gonna make the most of it with a full hour of Cannabis inspired music. STONER JAMS, if you will. We’ve got the perfect guest helping me out. THC chef, MATT SALVESEN, best known for his cannabis infused edibles he calls MATTY’S PATTIES.

Matty takes care of the HIP HOP and INDIE ROCK side of things, while our host, GOBS, keeps it electronic. A little DUBSTEP, some jJUNGLE, and he kicks off with a piece of fresh REGGAE, because you need a little in there if you’re gonna do a 4/20 set right.

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1. Ric Carbi & Dohlance – Smoking The Highest

2. Rockstone ft Rider Shafique – Infared

3. Abstrakt Sonance & Substance – Smoking Blunts (Pushloop Remix)

4. ColtCuts – 100% Herb

5. Teaganbear ft Søphia – Don’t Fry Your Brain

6. Mutant Joe ft Freddie Dredd – Like a Blunt

7. Magic Drum Orchestra ft Bunty – Original Nuttah (DJ Madd Remix)

8. Method Man – The Riddler

9. The Roots – Good Music

10. David Bowie – Word On A Wing

11. Puscifer – Queen B

12. Tame Impala – Be Above It

13. Death Grips – Birds

14. METZ – Acetate

15. The Modern Lovers – Roadrunner

16. Nashville Pussy – Kicked In the Teeth

17. Soulculture & DJ Choppah – One Spliff A Day

18. Ellis Dee – Collie Herb

19. Sensi – Catalone

20. Subtifuge ft. Mr Williamz – Ganja Dadda (Marcus Visionary Remix)

21. Never Leave Dub – Marcus Visionary

22. John Prine – When I Get To Heaven

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