Midnight Looms 011 – High Voltage – April 21 2020

Let’s talk about MASHUPS. They’re generally regarded as nothing more then novelty, used by DJs to breathe new life into overplayed tunes, but when unusual songs are combined in unusual ways, with complexity and a knack for noticing the commonalities in musical compositions, the mashup becomes an art form.

In this episode, our host, GOBS, is joined for a back-to-back set by his buddy, DJ HIGH VOLTAGE, who’s brings a virtual crate of exclusive and unreleased mashups and when High Voltage says he’s bringing mashups, we are all in for a treat.

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1. O’Haara – Worst Fears

2. Marlon Keith – Rosamond Crescent

3. The Ambientist – 4 (Rising Sun’s A Sign Of True Friendship Mix)

4. Jacques Greene – Do It Without You

5. Genix – Rave Daze

6. Arcade Fire – Afterlife (Substance Abuse Remix)

7. Body Of Light – Time To Kill

8. JJ Preston – Eat Sleep Rave Repeat (Scroobius Milkmen Remix)

9. The Books – Group Autogenics I

10. The Prodigy – Rock and Roll (20th Anniversary Mix)

11. Deadmau5 ft Lights – Drama Free

12. Nas – Systematic (Glitter Mix)

13. Mac Miller – Good News

14. High Voltage – Curepusher

15. Dan Deacon – Arp I: Wide Eyed & Arp II: Float Away

16. High Voltage – Inter-Orbital Dateline

17. Portishead – Sour Times

18. Destroyer – Cue Synthesizer

19. Caribou – Home

20. Beastie Boys – Sure Shot (DJ Bacon Rock Steady Remix)

21. Sum-01 ft Cee & Es – They Say That

22. Dolly Parton – 9 To 5

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