Midnight Looms 016 – PHANTOM HIGH – May 26 2020

This is an episode for the kids dressed in black. We’re going on a trip through the wide world of Hard, Heavy and brutal music, and that means lots of METAL, but we never do things conventionally around here, so we’re gonna be freaking it at every twist and turn. If that sounds appetizing to you, or if you’re up for an adventure into the wild unknown, then I hope you’re gonna join this black parade, but it’s not our host, GOBS, leading the parade. Oh no, my friends. You see, just before the world fell apart, we recorded a studio session inside Playdead Cult’s DIY concert space, with an awesome Toronto GLAMCORE band called PHANTOM HIGH. If you haven’t heard of them that’s because they’re fairly new, but tune in and you’re gonna leave this episode understanding why we’re so excited about this band. They’re comprised of 4 mysterious, costumed HORROR fanatics, and fronted by a dark androgynous figure known as Peril Erinyes.

Phantom High grind through a selection of tunes from their CONJURED EP, and even DEBUT and brand NEW TUNE called BITCHFACE. What a twisted treat!

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1. Scarlxrd – 6 Feet

2. Crossfaith – Freedom

3. My Ticket Home – Hot Soap

4. Cane Hill – Too Far Gone

5. I See Stars – Calm Snow

6. Motionless In White – Voices

7. A Primitive Evolution – Close Your Eyes

8. My Achilles Heel – A.P.E

9. Saint Asonia – Ghost


10. Phantom High – Ambiguous (Midnight Looms Session)

11. Phantom High – Exorcist (Midnight Looms Session)

12. Phantom High – Shadows (Midnight Looms Session)

13. Phantom High – Bitchface (Midnight Looms Session)

14. Phantom High – Suicide (Midnight Looms Session)


15. The Birthday Massacre – Diamonds

16. Kittie – Brackish

17. Korn – Shoots and Ladders

18. House Of Pain – Shamrocks and Shenanigans (Butch Vig Mix)

19. Public Enemy & Anthrax – Bring The Noise

20. Saiyan & Cru-L-T – High Da Way (Luna-C Remix)

21. Squarepusher – Nervelevers

22. Brookes Brothers – Burn

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