Midnight Looms 018 – TIM ELLIS – LEADNOW.CA – June 16 2020

Tonight we have an amazing activist, named TIM ELLIS, dropping by our PLAYDEAD CULT studio space to tell us all about an organization he’s heavily involved in, called LEADNOW. In addition to explaining how this org is a powerful tool for creating positive change, Tim also chats about his past, growing up outside one of America’s rust-belt cities, being radicalized into Neo-Nazism, and being saved by Toronto’s rave scene. He has since become an accomplished advocate for liberal democracy. His story is VERY INSPIRING and he matches his words with a fantastic and fun selection of tunes.

Our host, GOBS, is in support with an eclectic selection of ELECTRONIC goodness, including NEW MUSIC from CONRAD SUBS, DEEKLINE & FIRESTAR SOUNDSYSTEM, DRUMMACHINEMIKE, PURITY RING, a DOUBLE-SHOT of GRIMES, COVID-19 inspired songs from BLARE THE SYREN and SILVERTOOTH SLIM, plus we drop some ARCADE FIRE off VINYL.

Do you think TIM ELLIS can do a SHRIMP SQUAT? We find out! What a great show!!

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1. Arcade Fire – Creature Comfort

2. Arcade Fire – Creature Comfort (Geoff Barrow Mix)

3. King Jammy – Under Me Sleng Teng (Schlachthofbronx Remix)

4. Drummachinemike – Say Nothing

5. Silvertooth Slim – COVID-19

6. Blare The Syren – The Virus Lockdown

7. Antidote Army – Corona F You


8. Overwork – Buzzin’

9. Edelweiss – Starship (Raumschiff) Edelweiss

10. Evan Greer ft Anne Feeney – !Ya Basta!

11. Weird Al Yankovic – Hardware Store

12. Flobots – Handlebars

13. Harry And The Potters – On the Importance of Media Literacy Under Authoritarian Rule

14. Flashheadz – Promised Land

15. Elevate – All You See And Hear

16. Bang! – Shooting Star (Luna-C Remix)


17. Deekline & Firestar Soundsystem – Roll It Again

18. NC-17 & Dave Owen & DJ Hybrid – Scrub City

19. Conrad Subs – Late Roll Out

20. Grimes – 4ÆM

21. Grimes – So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth (Algorithm Mix)

22. Purity Ring – Stardew

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