Midnight Looms 019 – JUNIA-T – June 23 2020

Wherever JUNIA-T goes, he spreads positive vibes, and tonight he comes through to spread them all over this show. Junia is the music director for JESSIE REYEZ and a prolific urban music producer who’s CHANGING THE WAY HIP HOP IS MADE.

We drop a bunch of tunes off Junia’s latest album, STUDIO MONK, featuring vocals from BENJAMIN A.D, FAIZA, J.O. Mairs, NATE HUSSER and STORRY. Our host, GOBS, matches the urban vibes with BRAND NEW JAMS from CADET, LITTLE SIMZ, LOVE-SADKID, O.B.F., RA THE RUGGED MAN & GHOSTFACE KILLA, THUNDERCAT, TRE NYCE, a FOOTWORK STONER JAM by STAYHIGH, classic ELECTRONICA from THE PRODIGY, and our SYN for the month, by RUN THE JEWELS! We also feature some of CANADA’s FINEST MCs, including, DRAKE, DILLAN PONDERS, HAVIAH MIGHTY, MAESTRO FRESH WES, MATT BREVNER, and SUM-01. We drop some WOKE tracks to make sure you don’t forget that there’s a FIGHT AGAINST RACISM going on, and we end off with a little reminiscing about the big RAPTORS NBA CHAMPIONSHIP that brought the country together a year ago. This episodeā€¦ it’s kinda EPIC!

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1. Haviah Mighty – Thirteen

2. Sum-01 – Down With The System

3. Tre Nyce – Blackman

4. Run The Jewels – Holy Calamafuck *SYN*

5. O.B.F ft Biga Ranx & Sr Wilson – DRIVA (NO GPS MIX)

6. Cadet – Gang Gang

7. Little Simz – you should call mum

8. Love-Sadkid & Garrett – Growth

9. R.A. The Rugged Man – Dragon Fire

10. Junia-T ft Benjamin A.D – Thinking Over

11. Junia-T ft J.O. Mairs – Home Team

12. Junia-T ft Nate Husser & STORRY – Try Me

13. Junia-T ft Faiza – Puzzles

14. Junia-T ft Faiza – Make It

15. The Prodigy – Firestarter

16. Stayhigh – High On Mary Jane

17. Thundercat – Funny Thing

18. Sophia Danai – Something To Nothing

19. Dillan Ponders – Planet Ponders

20. Matt Brevner – Let Me Fall

21. Maestro Fresh Wes – This Is Epic

22. Drake – Started From the Bottom

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