Midnight Looms 022 – MEZZMUREYES – August 11 2020


We’ve been super focused, lately, on using art to fight for a better world, but we also need to remember to make time to celebrate life. That’s what makes all of this fighting worth while. So on this episode, I we’re just gonna do some dancing! Our host, Gobs, invited his favourite DJ onto the show. Her name is MEZZMUREYES. She has all the talent of a mega-star but she DJs strictly as a hobby. Isn’t that interesting? She and Gobs both have a powerful emotional response to music. They chat about music feels, ASMR, and being a “selfish DJ” while dropping an hour of the hottest electronic jams.

If you like to get your groove on late at night, this episode is for YOU. It’s packed with NEW MUSIC from CORNUCOPIA, CRAZY SONIC & ALE F, E.L.F., BENBLOXMEN, LENNON STELLA, LOUD LUXURY, M83, RAVEN, SMALLTOWN DJs, YESSICA WOAHNEIL and a DOUBLE KILL of tunes from Montreal’s infamous TECHNO label, TURBO RECORDINGS.

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1. Yessica Woahneil – Hands Up, Hips Thrust

2. Smalltown DJs ft. Rrotik – Love Is Gone

3. Loud Luxury ft. Morgan St. Jean – Aftertaste

4. OVERWERK – Daybreak

5. Benbloxmen – Nihilistic Slaughter

6. Nocow – Never Leave Me

7. Fedele – Riot Revolte (DJ Hell Remix)


8. GAWP – Redlight

9. Crazy Sonic & Ale F – Strings & Stripes (Joyce Muniz Remix)

10. Wongo – D.A.D. (Dance All Day) ((AVAA Remix))

11. Jargen – Rhythm Poetry

12. Anthony Kalahati – Turnip

13. Flo.Von & Tim Klein – Shake

14. Gene Farris & John Summit – Bass Go (Biscits Remix)

15. Jace Mek ft. Clarity – Elevate


16. Terror Tone – Mamacita

17. Lennon Stella – Bend Over Backwards

18. E.L.F. ft. Rhyum Rose – HerAll

19. Raven – Saint

20. Jacques Greene ft. Cadence Weapon – Night Service (Fort Romeau Remix)

21. Cornucopia – River Of Memories

22. M83 – Solitude (Felsmann + Tiley Reinterpretation)

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