Music from the end of the world.

Midnight Looms 023 – A BIRTHDAY TRIBUTE TO TEVA HARRISON – August 18 2020

If you caught EPISODE 012 of this show, towards the end of it, you heard our host, GOBS, talk about his real-life hero, TEVA HARRISON. She was an accomplished ARTIST, WRITER, POET, and CANCER ACTIVIST, and Gobs was one of the lucky people who got to call her a friend. Teva passed away in 2019 but this week marks her birthday, and we wanted to celebrate it with a full episode in tribute to Teva. When we ran the idea past her husband, DAVID, he not only wanted to be involved, but he invited us into their home to play RECORDS FROM TEVA’S COLLECTION. Wow!

The resulting tribute is a journey through Teva’s life, from Childhood to her final years, represented by the songs that she loved. Gobs does his thing to make it all fit and flow. From GRATEFUL DEAD to DEAD MOON. From all the way back in the days of CHET BAKER and PATSY CLINE to recent releases by COEUR DE PIRATE and THE BLOW. From the beauty of BLONDE REDHEAD to the ferocity of BIKINI KILL. There’s even some BREAKCORE in the mix, from Teva’s DJ days. You won’t believe what her favourite PRINCE song was when she was a kid 😉

Gobs and David talk a bit about Teva’s final book, NOT ONE OF THESE POEMS IS ABOUT YOU, but mostly they chat about the remarkable person that they loved and admired so much. This is a truly special episode.


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1. Grateful Dead – Rosemary

2. The Sonics – Hitch Hike

3. Prince – Darling Nikki

4. Dead Moon – Can’t Help Falling In Love

5. The Smiths – The Boy With The Thorn In His Side

6. Love And Rockets – Mirror People

7. Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl

8. Negativland – Truth In Advertising

9. The Halo Benders – Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want

10. Arty Shaw & His Orchestra ft. Imogene Lynn – Accentuate The Positive

11. Chet Baker – Let’s Get Lost

12. Patsy Cline – I Can’t Forget You

13. The Barcelona Pavilion – Tidy Up

14. ADULT. – Run Run Crying

15. Blonde Redhead – Signs Along The Path

16. Random Bit Generator – King Creole

17. Knifehandchop ft. Interrupt Vector – DJ’s Get Uncomfortable

18. Cardopusher – In The Power Of XTC

19. The Blow – Summer

20. Anna Oxygen – Spectacle

21. Mirah – Bones & Skin

22. Coeur De Pirate – Carry On