Midnight Looms 029 – JESSY LANZA – October 6 2020


It’s a new month and we’re kicking it off big. JESSY LANZA is joining us via Zoom. We assumed that she was back safe and sound in her home town Hamilton, Ontario, but it turns out she’s still down in the States, coming to us from her California Stronghold 😛

We live in a reality where we all spend more and more time alone and our lives are ruled by technology. Jessy’s music has these ever present themes of isolation and synthetic reality and it makes her music very NOW. Jessy Lanza is truly an artist for the times, and on a show where we celebrate the music from the end of the world, you can bet we’re really into what she’s doing. GOBS chats with Jessy, while playing a medley of tracks from her new album, ALL THE TIME.

This episode begins with a blast of energy! HOUSE and FUTURE BASS from artists like HATIRAS, RAVEN, and a classic by CAJMERE. Gobs puts THE NEEDLE ON THE RECORD of a brand new piece of wax featuring “QUEER JUKE” by MELLEEFRESH & DJ GENDERFLUID. All that before a set of FOOTWORK, a Bootleg CHROMEO remix by Gobs, himself, some THUNDERCAT, some JUNIOR BOYS, a STONER JAM by MXXWLL, and a JANET JACKSON anthem just for Jessy.

With CANADIAN THANKSGIVING just around the corner, we end this episode with what we hope will be a tradition, just like it is on campus stations all over North America 😉

What an epic Journey-By-DJ. You won’t hear a musical adventure like this anywhere else. Only on Midnight Looms!

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1. Hatiras – Jack To The Rhythm

2. Cajmere – Percolator

3. Tristan Arp – Pipeline

4. Canblaster – Clockworks

5. Raven – Flames

6. Melleefresh & DJ Genderfluid – I Want You

7. Flosstradamus ft. Kid Sister – Luuk Out Gurl

8. Thunderbird Juicebox – Throw Em Out Redux

9. Chromeo – Fancy Footwork (Gobs Trapwork Edit)

10. Thundercat – Funny Thing

11. Junior boys – Over It


13. Janet Jackson – Escapade (Shep’s Good Time Mix)

14. Jessy Lanza – Lick In Heaven

15. Jessy Lanza – Over And Over

16. Jessy Lanza – Face

17. Jessy Lanza – Anyone Around

18. Jessy Lanza – Badly

19. Jessy Lanza – Alexander

20. Alexander O’Neal – A Broken Heart Can Mend

21. Arlo Guthrie – Alice’s Restaurant Massacree

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