Midnight Looms 031 – PTERODACTYL PROBLEMS – October 20 2020


Part 2 of our 3 week HALLOWEEN celebration. This week, we wanted to have a DIRTY ROCK N ROLL PARTY, and we’ve invited in the perfect band to bring that vibe. They’re called PTERODACTYL PROBLEMS. A drag queen led quartet that basically take the entire history of rock, chew it up, and spit it out at you. They’re so much fun live, and they haven’t performed in 6 months. This is it! So you know it’s gonna get rowdy. That’s how Halloween should be, right?

We give the entire second half of the show to the band, leaving the first half for our host, GOBS, to set the mood, with the help of the MUSIC FROM THE END OF THE WORLD. NEW sounds from CAYLEY THOMAS, JEEN, SINGLE MOTHERS, and this year’s POLARIS PRIZE winner, BACKXWASH, get blended beautifully with classics from THE BEASTIE BOYS, HUSKER DU, and even a SUBLIME sing-along. This episode is just jam-packed with CANADIAN sounds from the likes of CANCER BATS, CAT CLYDE, THE DIRTY NIL, HOLLERADO, JOEL PLASKETT, and RED ARMS. All this before Pterodactyl Problems take over for a filthy, sweaty (but masked up and socially distanced) Halloween party performance.

On MIDNIGHT LOOMS we do Halloween PROPER!!

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1. Backxwash – God Has Nothing To Do With This Leave Him Out Of It

2. The Beastie Boys – Slow And Low

3. JEEN – Slow And Low

4. Cayley Thomas – Midnight Hours

5. Cat Clyde – All The Black

6. Sublime – Santeria

7. Tomi Swick – Juliet

8. Hollerado – Juliette

9. Husker Du – Up In The Air

10. Joel Plaskett Emergency – You’re Mine

11. The Dirty Nil – Wrestle Yu To Husker Du

12. Single Mothers – I’m Wrong

13. Specks – Oh Hell

14. Cancer Bats – We Run Free

15. Red Arms – Ran Away

16. Pterodactyl Problems – Paresthesia

17. Pterodactyl Problems – Hello

18. Pterodactyl Problems – Lush Lies

19. Pterodactyl Problems – Ballroom Blitz

20. Pterodactyl Problems – One Of The Boys

21. Pterodactyl Problems – The Sabbath Medley

22. Pterodactyl Problems – All These Things That I’ve Done

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