Midnight Looms 033 – METZ – December 8 2020

After a 5-week break, we are BACK and feeling good, because the world may be totally “effed up” but MUSIC IS STILL SO AWESOME and tonight we’re joined by a band who are prove that true. One of the most brutally excellent bands this country has ever produced. All 3 members of METZ are doing the socially distanced hangout out via Zoom while we drop a selection of tunes from their phenomenal new album, ATLAS VENDING.

Our host, GOBS, get you warmed up and ready with a set of new and heavy hitting INDIE ROCK from HEART ATTACK KIDS, MARILYN MANSON, NEW FRIES, POTTERY, THE WHITE SWAN, a killer QUEERCORE cover of a that PEACHES anthem we all love, and even an ode to the strange SYNTH WAVE legend that is GARY NUMAN.

Ever wonder what records you’ll find in the METZ VINYL COLLECTION? We find out, before Gobs rounds off the program on a groovy vibe with the latest from CHROMEO, and the newest edition to his virtual crate of BEASTIE BOYS BOOTLEGS.

Midnight Looms is back in a big way!!

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1. Heart Attack Kids – Can’t Stop

2. Pottery – Welcome to Bobby’s Motel

3. Gary Numan – M.E.

4. Unhappiness Club – Brasil

5. Marilyn Manson – Don’t Chase The Dead

6. The White Swan – In Love And Ritual

7. New Fries – Ploce

8. DITZ – Fuck The Pain Away

9. METZ – Parasite

10. METZ – Blind Youth Industrial Park

11. METZ – Hail Taxi

12. METZ – Framed By The Comets Tail

13. METZ – A Boat to Drown In

14. METZ – No Ceiling

15. Oranssi Pazuzu – Uusi Teknokratia

16. Botanist – Bacteria

17. Sprain – Worship House

18. Dog Day – Hell On Earth

19. The Reverbs – Trusted Woods

20. Soopastole – Check It Out People (Beastie Boys x MFSB)

21. Chromeo – Clorox Wipe

22. HiFiLo – Speak Your Name

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