Midnight Looms 034 – GOODBYE DAVIDE – December 15 2020

Every once a while we get to use this platform to do something really unique and special. Tonight is one of those nights. Our guest is DAVIDE FERRARA. He used to be a DJ and passionate record collector. Davide has given it all up to leave his family and friends and ship off to a monastery in Wyoming to BECOME A MONK. Seriously! Given that our host, GOBS, knows little-to-nothing about real monks, this is a rare opportunity to ask some questions about what’s involved. And don’t you worry. We still explore the MUSIC FROM THE END OF THE WORLD. Davide brought along a playlist of his favourite tunes to hear them one final time, and this FUTURE MONK knows everything about ITALO. He’s also got a soft spot for EURO and OLDSHCOOL RAVE tunes.

Gobs gets you warmed up with this month’s SYN (Song You Need), care of ZORA JONES, which transitions into NEW up tempo RETRO WAVE from OCEANSIDE85, and NU DISCO from BLUE HAWAII and TIGER & WOODS. For the wind-down, we explore some AMBIENT vibes, including a tune by Canadian legends, DELERIUM.

This is one sentimental, informative, and phenomenal musical journey. “UNIQUE and SPECIAL”! That’s what we said. What better way to kick off the HOLIDAY SEASON?!

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MIDNIGHT LOOMS airs every Tuesday, 11pm EST, on RADIOWESTERN.CA


1. Benbloxmen – Twirl Fury

2. Zora Jones – Sister’s Blade *SYN*

3. Oceanside85 ft SellorektLADreams & Till wild – This Is The Night

4. Blue Hawaii – I Felt Lovel

5. Tiger & Woods – Gotta Change

6. Miko Mission Two For Love

7. Dilemma – In Spirit (Techno Mix)

8. Fancy – Fools Cry

9. Dominica – Gotta Let You Go (Nightshift Extended Vocal Mix)

10. Dirty Mind – Back To The Future (Club Mix)

11. The Mover – Nightflight

12. Lupin – Girls

13. Tony De Vit – Burning Up

14. Head Horny’s & DJ Miguel Serna – In Your Eyes (12 Inch)

15. Etnica – Vimana

16. Astral Projection – Mahadeva

17. Monks Of The Abbey Of Notre Dame – Dies Irae

18. Delerium – Metaphor

19. Bipolar Cell – Vapor Forest

20. Para Palabras – Yes, I Believe I Would

21. Wormwood – Recollection

22. Lawrence – Music For Plants (I)

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