Midnight Looms 035 – X-MAS PYJAMA JAM with HIGH VOLTAGE – December 22 2020


We celebrated XMAS with our first MULTI-CAMERA TWITCH STREAM and it went pretty awesome. DJ HIGH VOLTAGE, puts out a mix every year, around the holidays, called FESTIVE SPECIAL, and it’s always one of our favourite mixes of the year. It’s the 10-year anniversary of the series, so we invited High Voltage on the show to celebrate by dropping a couple “BEST OF” sets from the series. The pandemic situation made it a real bad idea for him to be in studio with our host, GOBS, though. Well in steps our friends at SEEROCKLIVE.COM with gear and Know-how for us to still make this HOLIDAY PYJAMA JAM happenI

When you picture a PYJAMA JAM, you probably picture fashionable people decked out in hip, Christmas themed PJs, probably purchased just for the event. Well, THIS AINT THAT! Our host, Gobs, and High Voltage hang out unshaven, and wearing the actual outfits they’ll have on Christmas morning. If nothing else, this is the BUMMIEST Pyjama jam ever.

Next week, we’re running down our favourite songs of 2020, but there are some tunes that have been released too recently to make it on to that list though they certainly deserve some recognition, so Gobs gets you warmed up for the High Voltage MEGA-MIXES by dropping some of those songs, as we weave in and out of Christmas themed tunes. Some pretty, some cheesy, some silly. NEW music from THE BLAZE VELLUTO COLLECTION, CLIPPING, NOSTALGIX, and ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER, with X-Mas jams from BOBNOXIOUS, THE POGUES, SHAGGY, and a DOUBLE KILL of CHILLY GONZALES. Gobs even DROPS THE NEEDLE on a DEVO tune from a RHINO RECORDS comp of UNRELEASED XMAS TUNES by INDIE BANDS.

Pyjamas, Live DJing, Vinyl, Christmas MASHUPS and BEARDS! This is how we do X-Mas around here!!!

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1. clipping. – Say The Name

2. Chilly Gonzales & Toddla T – Christmas Business

3. Chilly Gonzales ft Jarvis Cocker & Feist – Snow Is Falling In Manhattan

4. Oneohtrix Point Never – The Whether Channel

5. The Blaze Velluto Collection – Fish Mountain, Pt. 2

6. Orbital – Chime

7. The Arcade Fire – No Cars Go (Christian Strobe Remix)

8. Channel Cairo – A Year (Keljet Remix)

9. Computer Magic – Mindstate

10. Calvin Harris ft Rihanna – What You Came For (DJ Kue Remix)

11. Lamb – Backspace Unwind

12. MojoChronic – What Child Too Close?

13. Donna Summer – On The Radio (Jacques Greene Remix)

14. Grimes – Symphonia IX (My Wait Is U)

15. Nostalgix – Act Out

16. Shaggy ft Junior Reid & Bounty Killer – Raggamuffin Christmas

17. Chvrches – The Mother We Share

18. The Russian Futurists – It’s Not Really Cold When It Snows

19. Bobnoxious – Police Nabbed My Dad

20. Devo – Merry Something To You

21. Simple Plan – Christmas Every Day

22. The Pogues ft Kirsty MacColl – Fairtytale Of New York

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