Midnight Looms 036 – TOP 22 of 2020 – December 29 2020

Tonight, we run down the TOP 22 SONGS OF 2020. Why “22”? It just so happens that on this show, we pretty much always play 22 songs per episode and that formula has worked quite well for this first year on air. So after much deliberation, the thing to do became obvious. Our regular 22 song episode, but assembled into a COUNTDOWN of the most important tracks released in this past year. What makes a song important? Our host, GOBS, gets into that as we climb towards that #1 spot.

On this show in which we play ALL GENRES of music, we absolutely agonize over the play lists, so you can bet some serious conversations and considerations went down. In the end, Gobs went with his gut and arrived at this list of the 22 best tunes released in 2020. You’ll be hearing CANADIAN sounds from ARIEL SHARRATT & MATHIAS KOM, DESTROYER, E.L.F., JESSY LANZA, JUNIA-T & FAIZA, PANTAYO, PARAGON CAUSE, PAUL CHIN ft SHAD, and THE WEEKND, with big hitters from ARCA, BEYONCE, CARDI B, DAN DEACON, IDLES, KID BLOOM, THE KILLERS, MEGAN THEE STALLION, PHOEBE BRIDGERS, PROTOMARTYR, and RUN THE JEWELS. Wow, what a list! Where else would you hear all these acts in one jam-packed hour? ONLY MIDNIGHT LOOMS.

You could peak at the PLAYLIST below, but that would spoil the fun, so we hope. instead, you’ll press PLAY and enjoy this final JOURNEY-BY-DJ of 2020. Terrible year! But the music was AWESOME!!

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22. Wongo. – D.A.D (Dance All Day) (AVAA Remix)

21. Megan Thee Stallion ft Beyonce – Savage (Remix)

20. E.L.F. ft Rhyum Rose – HerAll

19. Kid Bloom – Wounded/Surrounded

18. The Killers – Caution

17. Cardi B ft Megan Thee Stallion – WAP

16. Paragon Cause – Lost Cause

15. Run The Jewels ft Greg Nice & DJ Premier – Ooh La La

14. Paul Chin ft Shad – Take Two

13. Dan Deacon – Sat By A Tree

12. Phoebe Bridgers – Halloween

11. Protomartyr – Processed By The Boys

10. Jessy Lanza – Lick In Heaven

09. Pantayo – V V V (They Lie)

08. Arca – Nobinary

07. Run The Jewels ft Pharrell Williams & Zach De La Rocha – Ju$t

06. Destroyer – Crimson Tide

05. Ariel Sharratt & Mathias Kom – I Don’t Mind Failing

04. The Weekend – Blinding Lights

03. Junia-T ft Faiza – Puzzles

02. IDLES – Grounds

01. Run The Jewels – Walking In The Snow

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