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Midnight Looms 040 – CAN A DRUMMER GET SOME? – January 26 2021

So this is what 40 feels like. Tonight is the 40th episode of our weekly JOURNEY-BY-DJ FOR ADVENTUROUS LATE-NIGHT MUSIC LOVERS, and we think that calls for something SPECIAL. We’ve invited back the DRUMMERS from every band that has appeared on this show so far, and over the coarse of this episode, our host, GOBS, chats with 6 of them. Together, we celebrate the often under appreciated backbone of every band. We call this special “CAN A DRUMMER GET SOME?” And check out the guest list: OLIVER from PTERODACTYL PROBLEMS, JD13 from PHANTOM HIGH, KEITH from HOT LIPS, STU from A PRIMITIVE EVOLUTION, SAM from THE ANTI-QUEENS, and HAYDEN from METZ. Whoa!

Aside from TRAVIS BARKER’s UNOFFICIAL ANTHEM of this episode, all songs are selected by our guests. We talk a lot about origins and influences. The resulting playlist is comprised of 22 DRUMMING MASTERPIECES from the likes of AUTOLUX, DREAM THEATER, MINISTRY, OPETH, THE POLICE, QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE, RUSH, VAN HALEN, WINTERSLEEP, and so much more.


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1. Travis Barker – Can A Drummer Get Some

2. Pterodactyl Problems – Lush Lives

3. Hawksley Workman – Anger As Beauty

4. Rush – Limelight

5. Phantom High – Black Divine

6. Guns N’ Roses – Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

7. The Police – Walking On The Moon

8. Hot Lips – Femicide

9. Silverchair – Anthem For The Year 2000

10. Wintersleep – Amerika

11. Nirvana – Polly

12. A Primitive Evolution – The Beauty

13. Van Halen – Hot For Teacher

14. Ministry – So What (Live)

15. The Anti-Queens – Run

16. Dream Theater – 6:00

17. Opeth – Deliverance

18. METZ – A Boat To Drown In

19. Hoover – Pretender

20. Queens Of The Stone Age – No One Knows

21. Autolux – Turnstile Blues

22. Nate Smith – Bounce: Pts I + II

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