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Midnight Looms 052 – PARAMEDIC WEEK with SCOTT LOYST – May 25th 2021

Splatter Art Zombie Portrait that Scott made for Gobs

This week is an important week. It’s PARAMEDIC WEEK here in Canada and you might not have known that because, for some reason, it’s not a week that we really celebrate, but we want to change that, because paramedics are true heroes of our society. They’re at almost every call. Every accident. Every bad thing that happens, paramedics are there. WHEN EVERYONE ELSE IS RUNNING AWAY FROM DISASTER, THEY’RE THE PEOPLE THAT RUN TOWARDS IT and they don’t get nearly enough credit for it. So tonight, we have a VIP REQUEST LINE taking song suggestions and dedications to individual paramedics.

We also have a special guest in the place to help us celebrate this under celebrated occasion. Our host, GOBS, hangs out with his buddy, SCOTT LOYST, who is indeed a paramedic but there’s so much more to Scott than his job. He is, in fact, THE MOST INTERESTING PERSON GOBS KNOWS. Scott’s a big SKATEBOARDING ADVOCATE. He documents his visits to skate parks and posts them on his BLOG, as well as his INSTAGRAM. He’s recently been working with the CANADIAN SKATEBOARDING TEAM on a new project. He also makes art out of discarded materials he finds at the skate parks he visits. He threw a rave to propose to this wife. He has a lot of exotic pets, a killer vinyl collection, and a SELF PORTRAIT TATTOO. We’re thrilled to have him on to spin some jams. PUNK ROCKERS you’re gonna love Scott’s song picks.

It’s the paramedic takeover! In addition to the SKATER friendly punk jams, you’re gonna hear some 80s CLASSICS, some 90s URBAN sounds, Some EMO, some EDM, POP and INDIE ROCK. Expect NEW MUSIC from ANCIENTHRONES, CURVED WALLS, ERRA, PHANTOM HIGH, SAYDIE, YARDS, alongside tune from TRUE LEGENDS like THE AQUABATS, DOUG AND THE SLUGS, BLINK-182, BONNIE TYLER, EAZY-E, FUGEES, & PRIMUS. Gobs also drops a RARE and STRANGE VINYL that METAL and PENDULUM fans will appreciate. We end off with a beautiful moment that STRANGER THINGS fans will love.

IF YOU KNOW A PARAMEDIC help us show them the appreciation they deserve by SENDING THIS EPISODE TO THEM.

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1. Curved Walls – Relived

2. Alt-J – Every Other freckle

3. Sara Bareilles – I choose you

4. Fugees – Fu-Gee-La (Sly & Robbie Mix)

5. Eazy-E – Gimmie That Nutt

6. Alexisonfire – Accidents

7. Above & Beyond ft. Alex Vargas – Blue Sky Action

8. TobyMac – Help Is On The Way (Maybe Midnight)

9. Bonnie Tyler – Holding Out For A Hero

10. Doug And The Slugs – Too Bad

11. Rise Against – Savior

12. New Found Glory – Selfless

13. Blink-182 – What’s My Age Again?

14. The Aquabats – My Skateboard!

15. Primus – Jerry Was A Race Car Driver

16. Saydie – Firefly

17. Phantom High – Black Divine

18. ERRA – Snowblood

19. Supercollider ft. Octofish –  Black Metal Tarantula


21. Yards – Train Came From Kalbajar

22. Peter Gabriel – Heroes