Music from the end of the world.

Midnight Looms 053 – PRIDE PARTY REQUEST LINE – June 1st 2021

Tonight, we kick off PRIDE MONTH proper and we do it with YOU. Our host, GOBS, opens up the REQUEST LINE and plays your favourite PRIDE PARTY JAMS. 

We wish we could just focus on the party, but things are not well here in Canada. Our INDIGENOUS FRIENDS AND FAM ARE HURTING. Anyone with a heart is hurting. And we’re still gonna be celebrating life tonight because at times like this, coming together as a community and celebrating is the MOST important. So for this first half hour, we wanted to do something for our indigenous brothers and sisters and use the power of great music to do it. Gobs lays down a set of powerful songs by DJ SHUB, KIZIS, LEANNE BETASAMOSAKE-SIMPSON, and the living legend that is BUFFY SAINTE-MARIE (WE ARE NOT WORTHY), while offering some thoughts on CANADA DAY.

The rest of the episode is a celebration of HOPE and LOVE, because we all need that right now. Gobs helps us to blow off some serious steam with a bunch of fierce Pride party anthems (both current and future), before throwing down a SAMPLE CHAIN that explores the infamous APACHE BREAK, and rounding out the ride with a smooth FUNK number from his favourite band, The BEASTIE BOYS. Expect NEW MUSIC from APASHE & HIGH KLASSIFIED, AVA MAX, HONEY DIJON, OF MONTEREAL, and QUARTER-LIFE CRISIS. Canadian sounds from BEVERLY GLENN COPELAND, DEBORAH COX, PEACHES, and VENETIAN SNARES, alongside CLASSICS from CHER and PRIMITIVE RADIO GODS. Some MADONNA mashed up with LADY GAGA, and even a P.M. DAWN RARITY. 

How do we even fit all this into 90 minutes?! Tune in and listen while Gobs works his magic!!

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1. Buffy Sainte-Marie – He’s A Keeper Of The Fire

2. Quarter-Life Crisis ft. Frances Quinlan – Postcards from Spain

3. Kizis – No Canada

4. Leanne Betasamosake-Simpson – I pity the country

5. DJ Shub ft. Phoenix Pagliacci – The Social

6. Apashe & High Klassified ft. Cherry Lena – I’m Fine (OVERWERK Remix)

7. Of Montreal – Fingerless Gloves

8. Cazwell – Ice Cream Truck

9. Cher – Believe

10. Deborah Cox – Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here (Hex Hector Dance Mix)

11. DJ Deville – Born Yourself Segway (Madonna x Lady Gaga)

12. Hercules & love affair ft. Rouge Mary – 5:43 To Freedom

13. Honey Dijon ft. Annette Bowen & Nikki-O – Downtown

14. Ava Max – My Head & My Heart (Clapton Remix)

15. Eve Massacre – A Bit Dixy (Peaches x Switch)

16. Incredible Bongo Band – Apache

17. Venetian Snares – Epidermis

18. Beverly Glenn-Copeland – Primal Prayer – In The Image

19. Primitive Radio Gods – Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth With Money In My Hand

20. P.M. Dawn – For The Love Of Peace

21. Beastie Boys – Something’s Got To Give