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Midnight Looms 065 – COMIC BOOK WRITER: DANNY GORNY – October 12th 2021

WE LOVE HALLOWEEN. It’s the only holiday that we dedicate a full month to and that month starts tonight! We’re back inside our PLAYDEAD CULT studio space after a week off, still digesting food from Thanksgiving dinner, and our host, GOBS, is joined by a buddy who happens to write comic books. DANNY GORNY is in the place. Gobs chats with him about his SCI-FI, FANTASY, and HORROR projects while we hear a selection of his favourite costume party jams. It’s the perfect way to kick off the Halloween season.

Danny throws down one wildly eccentric set of songs. DUSBTEP, HARDCORE, HIP HOP, INDUSTRIAL, CLASSIC ROCK. Seemingly tunes that don’t belong together, but then consider Danny’s work. He’s released comics about rats that kill people (HOUSE OF DOOM), and a secret agent who hunts monsters in colonial times (MYTH BUTCHER). He’s working on a sci-fi comic that he describes as “farm punk” (CYGNUS IMPERIUM), and he’s 4 issues deep into a 12 part series about a young woman who psychically projects herself as a superhero, called Radiant Dawn, while she’s sleeping (SLEEPWALKERS). Will our producer, Sophy, join in on a READ THROUGH of a MONSTER ATTACK scene from one of Danny’s comics? Tune in and find out!!

This journey begins with 2021 POLARIS PRIZE WINNERS, CADENCE WEAPON & BACKXWASH setting the mood for 30 mins a FRESH URBAN SOUNDS from HAVIAH MIGHTY, LOUD LUXURY ft. THUTMOSE, MACHINEDRUM ft. DENIRO FARRAR, 96 BACK, DJ NU-MARK & FULL CRATE, SHAD, and even a STONER JAM from on elf the best BEAT TAPES of the year, by DJ UNKNOWN. 

Any JAMES BOND fans in the building?! Our late-night ride ends with a MEGAMIX of Bond themes, including the most recent, from BILLIE EILISH, followed by a quick exploration of Bond soundtracks SAMPLED in a couple absolute MASTERPIECES of ELECTRONIC MUSIC by PROPELLERHEADS and ACEN. We end off with a BRAND NEW REMIX from DANNY BYRD. Now that’s how you kick off halloween!!!


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1. Cadence Weapon ft. Backxwash – Ghost

2. 96 Back – Plucks

3. Shad – Out Of Touch

4. Halvah Mighty – Tesla

5. Machinedrum – Stone Age

6. DJ Unknown – Day Dreaming

7. DJ Nu-Mark ft. Full Crate – Pass The Courvoisier

8. Loud Luxury ft. Thutmose – Red Handed

9. Pharoahe Monch – Simon Says

10. Dougal & Gammer – Monster

11. Delta Heavy – Hold Me

12. ohGr – Pore

13. The Cult – She Sells Sanctuary

14. World’s End Girlfriend – The Offering Inferno

15. Skinny Puppy – Convulsion

16. Billie Eilish – No Time To Die

17. Donovan Dahmes – Movie Magic: 007 Bond Hits

18. John Barry – Opening Titles / James Bond Is Back / From Russia With Love / James Bond Theme

19. Propellerheads – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

20. John Barry – Capsule In Space

21. Acen – Trip To The Moon Pt.1

22. Acen – Trip To The Moon Pt.1 (Danny Byrd Remix)

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