Midnight Looms 003 – Smalltown DJs

Our host, GOBS, drops some Indie selections before one of the world’s best DJ duos take over the flow. Mike and Pete are SMALLTOWN DJs. Global ambassadors for their home city, Calgary, which is where you’ll find their world-famous night life spot, The Hi-Fi club. We caught up with Smalltown DJs during their recent appearance at Metaverse, in Toronto, which was bonkers. In this episode, you’ll hear selections from their set along with our conversation. … Continue readingMidnight Looms 003 – Smalltown DJs

Midnight Looms 002: The Anti-Queens

THE ANTI-QUEENS are 4 punk rock ladies from Toronto known for their rowdy energy. They perform songs from their recently released, self-titled album live for a room full of their friends and fans. It gets WILD.

Our host, GOBS, matches the energy of the band by bringing a “dirty rock ‘n roll party” vibe through a selection of tunes heavy with fresh Indie, punk classics, and 90s grunge, before ending off with a few electronic dance bangers. … Continue readingMidnight Looms 002: The Anti-Queens

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